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You will always find the trusted eye care services you and your family need at Jackson Eye in Fairburn. Make an appointment for optometry services ranging from routine vision exams to the treatment of complex vision disorders and eye diseases. Optometrist Dr. Danielle Jackson leads a talented and compassionate team of eye and vision professionals.

About Us

You’ll find the following services at our clinic, among others.

  • Eye and vision examsRegular eye exams are the best method of catching problems early and providing solutions before those concerns have developed into more serious disorders. We will perform a vision exam, conduct eye function testing, and monitor your overall eye health. Your first exam at Jackson Eye will help us set a baseline to compare with future vision changes.
  • Eye surgery: Today, you have multiple solutions to poor eyesight in addition to eyeglasses and contact lenses. An optometrist like Dr. Jackson can guide you through such surgical techniques as LASIK, PRK, and other advanced solutions to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other vision disorders.
  • Contact lenses: Dr. Jackson will explain whether frames or contact lenses might be your best option, and answer all of your questions about both options. We also have solutions in the way of specialty lenses and hard-to-fit contact lenses available for those with eyes that are not suitable for traditional soft contact lenses.
  • Optical shop: Have you decided to solve your vision problems with frames? At Jackson Eye, you’ll find abundant choices in fashionable designer glasses to fit the shape of your face and match your sense of style. Our optical shop also carries a selection of prescription sunglasses that will help protect your eyes against potentially damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Computer vision treatment: Are you staring at screens all day? Most of us are. Hours of working from a computer, sending and answering emails and text messages from your phone, and relaxing in front of the television can lead to digital eye strain. Signs of computer vision syndrome include blurry vision, eye strain, headaches, and pain in the neck and shoulders. We will assess your vision to determine whether or not you are suffering from computer vision syndrome and provide treatment accordingly. We will also advise you on how to minimize the chances of the symptoms returning in the future.

Eye Care in Fairburn

Our eye doctor will consider your eye health and lifestyle before recommending the most effective possible combination of optometry services. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Jackson Eye at 770-629-4351.

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